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Linita Design & Manufacturing has been at the forefront of hydraulic engineering for over three decades, providing Erie, PA, with advanced water control gates. Our dedication to innovation ensures every gate we design meets the stringent demands of Erie's waterways.

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Custom-Engineered for Erie's Needs

  • Designed for Durability: Each gate is crafted to withstand Erie's diverse water management challenges, from flood control to irrigation.
  • Flexibility and Precision: Tailored designs mean our gates integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure, offering precise control.
  • Eco-Conscious Engineering: We're committed to sustainability, delivering solutions that protect Erie's natural resources.
Precision Water Control in Erie

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From sluice gates to radial and tainter gates, discover our range of options tailored to Erie's specific water control requirements.

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Join the community of satisfied clients who trust Linita for their water control needs. Our proven track record in Erie, PA, demonstrates our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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