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Linita Design & Manufacturing offers design, engineering, and manufacturing of trash rack cleaning machines per the customer’s performance specification.

Trash Rack Cleaner Usage

A trash rack cleaner is a type of mechanical device that is used to remove debris from the trash racks of a water intake structure. The device consists of a series of brushes and/or paddles that rotate around a horizontal shaft. As the shaft rotates, the brushes sweep across the surface of the trash rack, dislodging any debris that is attached. The device also typically includes a conveyor belt or other type of material-handling system that moves the debris away from the water intake and into a storage container. Trash rack cleaners are typically used in conjunction with other types of devices, such as grates, screens, and settlement Tanks to remove all solids from water before it is pumped into a treatment plant.

Creating a custom trash rack cleaner to suit your business needs is not only a necessity, it's Linita's specialty. With over 35 years of experience serving WNY and beyond, we're confident we can build the trash rack cleaner that is perfectly adapted to your requirements, no matter the challenge. 

Our Experience in Trash Rack Cleaner Manufacturing

Our past experience includes:

Head: 11000 mm
Contract Awarded: May 2005
Completed: September 2007
General Contractor: Linita Design & Manufacturing

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