Trash Rack Cleaners in Buffalo, NY

Linita Design & Manufacturing specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of trash rack cleaning machines tailored to your specific performance requirements.

What is a Trash Rack Cleaner?

A trash rack cleaner is an essential mechanical device designed to clear debris from the trash racks in water intake structures. Comprising a set of brushes or paddles, it revolves around a horizontal shaft, effectively dislodging attached debris. These cleaners often integrate a conveyor belt or similar material-handling system to transport debris away from the intake, ensuring smooth operations and minimal maintenance.

Such cleaners play a crucial role alongside other apparatuses like grates, screens, and settlement tanks, ensuring that all solids are efficiently removed before the water reaches treatment plants.

Why Choose Linita Design & Manufacturing?

Linita prides itself on crafting custom trash rack cleaners that resonate with your business's unique requirements. Our 35+ years of industry experience in Western New York and other regions stand testament to our commitment to excellence and adaptability. No matter the complexities involved, trust Linita to deliver optimal solutions.

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Our Proven Track Record

One of our previous projects:

  • Head: 11000 mm
  • Contract Awarded: May 2005
  • Completion Date: September 2007
  • General Contractor: Linita Design & Manufacturing