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A spillway gate, often called a stop gate, is an adjustable mechanism that manages the water flow in rivers, streams, and reservoirs. It ensures the safe, controlled passage of excess water around, over, and primarily through a dam. Consequently, spillway gates act as barriers, aiding in storing surplus water.

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The operation of these gates hinges on adjusting the gap between the gate and its adjoining reservoir. A smaller opening when the gate is open results in more water entering the reservoir. Conversely, a larger opening limits river water from entering. When closed, the gate creates a firm barrier between the reservoir and the river.

spillway gate manufacturing and design in buffalo, ny

Different Types of Spillway Gates Explained

Spillway gates operate based on the following:

Gravity-Based: Operate on the fundamental principle of gravity.

Hydraulics-Based: Use hydraulic power for their operations.

Mechanical-Based: Depend on motors for their functioning.

Among the various types, the Sluice Gate is predominant. Comprising both upstream and downstream parts, it's hinged on both sides. Water flows downstream through a small hole at the top edge of the upstream section. The downstream part serves the reservoir, having a larger hole at its bottom edge. Lifting the upstream gate releases the water while lowering the downstream one closes the gap.

Slide Gate is another variant, similar to the Sluice gate, but the upstream part features a slot instead of a hole.

Other notable types of spillway gates include:

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