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Quality water control equipment and design and manufacturing services are essential to any water management project's success. The leading manufacturer of draft tube gates is Linita Design & Manufacturing, a powerhouse in every aspect of the process, from design and engineering to production and site management.

Draft Tube Gates & Their Significance

A draft tube gate is a bulkhead gate that isolates a draft tube from the downstream pool. The design and manufacturing of draft-tube bulkhead gates are critical for efficient and reliable operation. To inspect, maintain, and repair the turbine components and the draft tubes, draft tube bulkhead gates are employed to seal off the draft tubes from the tailwater. Gate dimensions are typically expressed as the draft tube's width by height. The best time to install these gates is when there is no flow through the system, but there may still be significant turbulence in the tailrace; this is when they may be set up in vertical guides or slots in the draft tube portal. Draft tube bulkhead gates need to be directed the whole way down because of the turbulence in the tailrace. For draft-tube closures, bulkhead gates are preferable to stop logs because they require fewer longitudinal joints and are easier to seal correctly.

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High-quality water control equipment and design and manufacturing services are essential for every water control project. And Linita Design & Manufacturing, masters in design, engineering, production, and site management, are at the head of the pack. Linita is the go-to company for water control equipment, including gates, hoists, and turbine housings. Contact us to request your free quote today!