Bulkhead Gate Manufacturing in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY Bulkhead GateLinita Design and Manufacturing makes high quality bulkhead gates. Our gates are designed to match your water control needs.

Learn About Our Bulkhead Gates

Bulkhead gates are an economical method for dewatering channels. In most cases, they are big fabricated gates that are used to close the waterway for maintenance of downstream equipment. These gates are custom-made for specific purposes and are available in nearly any size.

The word bulkhead gate can be used to define what is basically a very large slide gate or a device similar to stop logs that allows for significantly fewer handling cycles. Typically, bulkhead gates are erected and withdrawn under conditions of balanced head. In the event that it is not possible to fill the downstream area to achieve a balanced head condition, the Bulkhead gate will be designed with a crack-opening mechanism and a higher operating capacity.

These gates are available in a variety of construction materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel, etc., depending on the intended use. The gates are operable using electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic cable systems.

Uses of Bulkhead Gates

  • Flood Barriers
  • Hydroelectric Dam Tailpipe, Intake, and Penstock Isolation, Repair, and Testing
  • Nuclear Fuel Storage Pool and Channel Containment
  • Power Piping Isolation and Repair
  • Turbine Isolation
  • Nuclear Reactor Isolation and Repair
  • Power Plant Intake Valve Isolation and Repair
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent and Effluent Channel Isolation and Repair
  • Open Flow Water Transport Channel Temporary and Long Term Gating
  • Stop Log Gate Repairs
  • Isolation of Waterways, Retention Ponds, Reservoirs, Tunnels, Drifts, etc. to Allow Safe Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Underwater Construction Isolation and Repairs
  • Drift Tunnel repair, Isolation, and Abandonment

Choosing the Right Bulkhead Gate

Bulkheads are very adaptable and may be manufactured in virtually any form and size. Specific alternatives will rely on the fabrication company's capability. Bulkheads, which are custom-made using lightweight, high-strength metals, provide an affordable and dependable option for water flow management and infrastructure safety.

Linita Design and Manufacturing is an industry leader in the design and fabrication of bulkheads for construction, undersea construction, nuclear, and environmental services sectors. Contact us today for quality bulkhead gates.