Tainter Gates

Tainter Gates, or radial gates, are used for managing large water flow or for water storage. They can be manufactured in many different sizes depending on the application, such as small designs for canals and large designs for dams. They provide a wide opening so the water can flow freely and unobstructed when the gate is open. Tainter Gates are designed to have a long lifespan with little to no maintenance and to be used in extremely harh conditions.  


Tainter Gate Design

Depending on the application of your tainter gate, the get can be made of different materials to support the large amount of water. They are usually designed with curved faceplate supported from behind by arms which help hold the load. At Linita Design and Manufacturing, we can help create the tainter gates you need for your project. We can work with you to determine the stress levels and provide accurate options to choose from. Use one of our standard designs, or allow us to work with you to custom make a gate that can service all of your needs.


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If you are looking for tainter, or radial gates for your water control project, contact Linita Design and Manufacturing today. We have over 90 years of engineering experience and can help custom make a gate design that works flawlessly for you. Contact our design and manufacturing company today for assistance and guidance on water control gates.

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