Foreman Position Opening


JOB TITLE: Foreman

REPORTS TO: Production Manager

FLSA STATUS: Non-exempt

APPROVAL DATE: January 23, 2012

  • 90% Paid healthcare
  • Matching 401K
  • Potential Signing Bonus


Oversee all activities that occur in the Shop by assigning proper Tradesman to each job and ensuring that these personnel complete each task within normal time frames, using the proper techniques in all the phases of production. Organize personnel to ensure Linita meets its contractual due dates.



  • Assign work & ensure to meet the production schedules
  • Interpret blue prints and specifications and transfer to shop to ensure quality and work flow
  • Work with QA to ensure all process and inspections are being performed in timely manner
  • Train new employees as required
  • Assist GM in any task required to improve production and efficiency, attend and participate, as required in management meetings
  • Maintain a fair and cooperative relationship with superiors and subordinates
  • Ensure that all personnel perform their duties as expected
  • Ensure production equipment is in proper working condition and consumables are stored properly
  • Request personnel to work overtime as required to meet contractual due dates
  • Ensure that all workers are aware of good manufacturing practices and take proper precautions within the workplace
  • Ensure that all workers are aware of and practice proper safety precautions within the workplace, especially when moving and turning parts
  • Assure the cleanliness and orderliness of the Shop, all work areas and employee break areas
  • Ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed in the Shop or its surrounding areas
  • Lead, direct and train personnel in more productive performance and safety practices in accordance with the safety act, and also keep all safety record
  • Assist personnel in any way possible in order to improve production, complete projects and meet customer demands and requests
  • Assure that personnel use proper techniques, as follows:
    • Ensure material to be unloaded is placed properly in a suitable area to minimize handling. If the Shipper is unavailable, the Foreman can assign someone else to unload the material or unload him/herself. Any material that doesn’t seem the right size or quality should be reported to QA.
    • Ensure that Chamfering operation is performed with the proper tip, gas pressure and in a timely manner. Material for the next job should be ready and available prior to finishing present job. Material chamfered should be placed in a practical way as to minimize extra handling.
    • Ensure that the welding is the right size (type) and quality by assigning appropriate personnel to each task. Ensure that welding is done in timely manner with minimal set up time for the welding machines. Prior to flipping part, ensure that welding is being completed in the position that it is. Ensure that all areas are cleaned up while piece is being turned or moved.
    • Ensure stress relief is done in accordance with the drawing. Proper loading of the oven is being done by qualified personnel
    • Linita JD Foreman September 21, 2010
    • Ensure all cleaning (grinding), sandblasting, painting is done properly in a timely manner. Paint (kind and color) and thinner is used (no runs, proper thickness is achieved)
    • Coordinate the above activities in alternate shifts (afternoon, night)
  • This position require working 40-60 hrs in order to meet all above goals



  • Ensure plant security by being responsible for opening and closing the plant in the morning and evening, respectively. Proper closing of the day to coordinate day activities with the night shift.
  • Assure the adequacy of all tools, welding machines, supplies, all other machinery and oven equipment at all times
  • Assure that the physical structure of the plant is properly maintained both internally and externally. If plant safety or security is in question, contact the General Manager or CEO.
  • Ensure a proper start up and job assignment to each person to avoid waiting time
  • Coordinate with QA Inspector to work Saturdays (Sunday, if required).
  • Ensure all records related to maintenance of equipment are kept up to date
  • Reliability and Attendance – begin work on time and conform to work hours and schedule. Unscheduled sick/personal time does not exceed established company standards.
  • Able to work long hours including evenings, nights and/or weekends



Other duties and/or projects as assigned by the CEO and/or General Manager



  • At least 5 years experience supervising personnel in a similar situation
  • Knowledge of welding codes and manufacturing
  • Able to communicate ideas and ensure they are understood
  • Able to read and understand drawings
  • Experience with safety and shop issues
  • Must have integrity and be honest
  • Strong positive personal outlook towards problems
  • Able to maintain high level of employee enthusiasm
  • Must have a compatible “chemistry with management team”
  • “Owner like” mentality
  • Must have a high energy level, be self-motivated
  • Ability to multi-task, respond to rapid change; organize, prioritize, and perform work with minimal supervision
  • Excellent memory

Click here to download an application. You may email this along with your resume to: [email protected].