Fixed Wheel Gates & Roller Gates

Fixed Wheel Gates, or Roller Gates, are vertical lift gates that have wheels to help with the transfer of the load from the gate itself to the wheels and the track the wheels are sitting inside. Since the gate uses wheels, a lot of the friction is relieved allowing the gate to close by itself with the help of gravity. Typically, fixed wheel gates are used where the space is too large for slide gates, or where there Is a need for gravity closure. Normally fixed wheel gates are hydraulically operated but can also be operated electronically based on certain specifications.


Fixed Wheel & Roller Gate Design

Wheels are fixed to the body of the gate and sit inside tracks that guide its movement. The gate itself can be manufactured to meet specific specs and sizes. The height and width can vary based on the opening, the thickness of the surroundings, and how deep the water is. The stress placed on the gate operating system is reduced by wheels which help the gate move up and down.


Fixed Wheel Gate Applications

There are many applications where wheel gates are the best solution. Mainly they are used to control water in dams and in irrigation canals. Other applications are flood control projects, water control projects, power plant water cooling systems, and increased reservoir capacity. At Linita Design and Manufacturing, we can help with our standard designs, or create a custom design to specifically fit your needs.


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